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Psychiatry/Behavioral Health Services

Psychiatry is practiced by specially trained doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, who practice in behavioral health sciences.

Behavioral health is the scientific study of emotions, behaviors and biology relating to a person’s mental well-being, their ability to function in everyday life, and their concept of self. A person struggling with his or her behavioral health/mental health may face stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, addiction, ADHD, learning disabilities, mood disorders, or other psychological concerns. Counselors, therapists, life coaches, psychologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants or physicians can help manage behavioral health concerns with treatments such as therapy, counseling, or medications.

Our certified psychiatric team members are skilled to diagnose and treat behavioral and mental health disorders in children, adolescents, adults, and aging adults. This includes creating personalized treatment plans around an individuals’ disorder, which can include medication, therapy, counseling, CBT, complimentary medicines, or any combination of these.